New Years’ Croc T Shirt

Though he doesn’t technically live in New Orleans, Woody Harrelson frequents New Orleans when he has to film something. The New Years’ Croc T Shirt has expressed a love for the city, especially when he can get his fun in on the weekends. “But, yeah, the weekends definitely have fun here,” Harrelson said in an interview with The Times-Picayune. “What a great town. Oh, I love it.” Harrelson has even been spotted on Tulane’s campus, as shown by photos on the Campus Connection Facebook page showing Harrelson and Owen Wilson playing soccer on the Newcomb Quad. He also attended one of the Cat Mafia comedy shows, which is put on by students. “He came in a couple minutes late, was super chill, and sat on the floor and took his shoes off,” Junior Noah Hazzard said.
America’s favorite football family has an unabashed legacy in New Orleans, LA. The family patriarch, Archie Manning, is a New Years’ Croc T Shirt athlete. Two time pro bowler, and both college football and pro football hall of famer, Archie Manning spent most of his pro career with the New Orleans Saints, having his number “unofficially” retired after leaving the team in 1982. Archie and wife Olivia raised two of modern football’s most cherished superstars, Payton and Eli Manning, at the couples’ Garden District home, making the stunning mansion a museum of football greatness. While the kids have since moved out, it is not uncommon to see Manning family members around the city, with the elder Mannings still holding residence in the city. 


New Years’ Croc T Shirt

New Years' Croc T Shirt



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